Do NOT Block Driveway

Pet peeve of the day: People who (a) don’t know how to read street signs (b) don’t understand street signs (c) choose to disregard street signs. Dallas is full of all of the above!   Advertisements

Painted Daisies

  Just had to stop at the store and as I walked through the floral department I caught sight of these amazing daisies.  I’m sure they’ve been around for a while, but they were a new find for me. Being an “artist” I absolutely loved them!  File this under, “Things That Make Me Smile”.

His mom must be so proud!

  First thought: WTF is wrong with this guy? Who in their right mind would wear a shirt like that? Second thought: Oh wait, I live in a state where someone can actually walk around in that shirt and have people say, “Hey dude, great shirt! Where’d you get it?” Third thought: I really need to…

Halloween goodies on

A few minutes ago I found myself on (don’t ask me how… I have no idea) and discovered the following items for sale: I actually tilted my head to one side, double-checked the URL, furrowed my brow, and let out an audible “hmmmmmm….” Not being Catholic I don’t know whether this is “normal”, but I like…