Solio Ranch, Kenya

On a recent trip to Kenya we were lucky enough to get to stay at Solio Ranch.  Solio is a 17,500 acre privately owned conservancy that is geared towards the protection and conservation of African rhino.  The initial reserve was started in 1970 when Courtland Parfet, the owner of Solio cattle ranch, fenced off a large section of land and dedicated it to conservation.   Since then, breeding has become so successful that rhino from Solio have been moved to game reserves all over Africa.  The ranch is recognized as one of the most successful private rhino breeding reserves in Kenya.

On most trips it’s a real treat to see even one rhino — when you stay at Solio rhino are everywhere!  One morning our guide took us to a plateau where we were able to get out of our vehicle and have coffee within 40 meters of a group of lounging rhino. The vistas were breathtaking and it was absolutely amazing to be in such close proximity to these amazing creatures. Rhino aren’t the only residents of Solio —  there is also great viewing of buffalo, zebra, giraffe, impala, waterbuck, Thompson’s gazelle, warthog, and lion. Aside from the daily game drives, the lodge also offers horseback riding —  we quickly discovered that to be a great way to spend an afternoon soaking up the beauty of the Kenyan plains.

If you get the urge to plan a trip to Africa, I’d highly recommend adding Solio to your itinerary!


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