Lalibela, Ethiopia

My main reason for going to Ethiopia was to see the churches of Lalibela — and they were fantastic.  What I didn’t expect was the beauty of the surrounding countryside.  Lalibela is located in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia and is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, lush valleys and colorful farming terraces.  The population is around 20,000 and the small town is extremely proud of its Christian heritage. Coptic crosses, paintings of saints and religious icons are staples in every gift shop.

Our room at the Maribella Hotel had an amazing view of the valley.  The accommodations, staff and grounds were lovely and the food in the restaurant was quite good.  Coffee is a mainstay in Ethiopia and upon request you can participate in a traditional coffee ceremony (being coffee lovers we gladly joined in).

Ethiopia is a country filled with so much history, culture and natural beauty.  Sadly, we had far too little time here.  We’ll definitely be back…


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