Sean Borland, magician extraordinaire!

Our stay on Sumba has been filled with amazing events; some humbling, some breathtaking, some absolutely out-of-this-world. On our first night we met
a friendly guy named Sean Borland who is originally from Edinburgh. Turns out he works for the hotel and is also a world class magician. By “world class” I mean “world class” (not some guy who just does magic for his friends or to pick up girls). This guy is in the same league as David Blaine and Cris Angel. Tonight we met him at the bar and he completely blew me away… To make a long story short…at one point in the “demonstration” I chose the 9 of hearts, signed it, and proceeded to keep it under wraps while he did several other very impressive “tricks”. After about 20 minutes he asked me to turn over my card and look at it. It wasn’t my card…. The card I’d chosen was in a sealed envelope in a zipper compartment of his wallet in his back pocket!!!
Best night EVER!!!!!


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