The Arusha Coffee Lodge, Tanzania

So, I’m finally getting around to finishing up the photos from our trip to east Africa.  We stayed at four Elewana properties throughout Tanzania and Kenya.  Elewana has a program called “Sky Safari” that allows their guests to travel between their properties on a private jet instead of having to arrange commercial air travel between lodges.  It definitely made things a lot easier!

Our first stop was Arusha, Tanzania.  We stayed at the Arusha Coffee Lodge, a working coffee plantation where we were able to learn about every aspect of the coffee growing/harvesting/roasting process.  The coffee was outstanding and I now understand why it’s so expensive — getting it from plant to cup is quite an involved process.

Our “host”, Gladness, was amazing!  On our second day at the lodge she was able to arrange for us to visit The Plaster House, a “home away from home” where children come to recover from corrective orthopaedic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery and neurosurgery.  If you get a minute, please stop their website,, and check out the great work they’re doing.


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