Suicide Mouse, the forgotten footage…

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to  a story entitled, “Creepy Disney Urban Legends“. I’m not a huge Disney fanatic but I decided to read the article none-the-less. One story in particular stuck with me. It involves a Mickey Mouse cartoon that apparently has the ability to induce madness in all who view it.
The story goes like this:


According to the urban legend, there is a “lost” black and white Mickey Mouse cartoon that, well, appears to depict Mickey in Hell. The first two minutes or so are nothing special. Just a sad-looking Mickey in the early animation style walking back and forth across a city landscape with random piano noises playing in the background. After that, the screen goes black for a few more minutes. Up until a few years ago, that’s all anyone thought it was, a nonsense cartoon featuring a loop of Mickey doing nothing. But an employee named Leonard Maltin was sorting through the old cartoons of the 30’s to transfer to digital copies and he noticed the cartoon was actually 9 minutes and 4 seconds long. So he decided to keep watching past the first two minutes.

And it’s after the first two minutes when things get weird. Real weird.

In the sixth minute, the cartoon suddenly reappeared, but this time, the noise in the background was more like a strangled cry, gurgling and it grew louder over the next minute. The picture started to warp and distort, with the buildings and sidewalks stretching out into all sorts of impossible angles. And Mickey’s sad face curved up into a sinister smile bit by bit.

By the 7th minute, the gurgles turned into a bloodcurdling scream and even stranger things started to happen. The picture distorted further, and colors that weren’t possible with the technology of the time bled into the screen. And Mickey’s face…Mickey’s face fell apart. His eyeballs fell out and rolled down to his chin, his smile started to distort and stretch upward on the left side of his face like a demonic stroke victim. The scenery continued to stretch and break away in ways that human physics just does not work, while the buildings became nothing more than rubble floating in midair.

Maltin got too disturbed after that to watch the rest so he sent an employee into the room to finish the video with instructions they were to take notes on the last two minutes of the film.

Unfortunately, they never got that far.

The distorted screaming on the tape kept up, louder and louder, until 8 minutes and a few seconds into the video, then abruptly stopped as the image cut away to the normal Mickey Mouse face you see at the end of every cartoon. The music of a broken music box accompanied the new face. This kept up for the next 30 seconds.

Whatever is in the very last 30 seconds, no one except that poor employee ever found out. The employee supposedly stumbled from the room feverishly muttering “Real suffering is not known” seven times in a row, then grabbed a security guard’s pistol and killed himself.

The only thing known about those last 30 seconds was from the scribbled notes of the dead employee: A Russian phrase that roughly translated to “the sights of Hell bring its viewers back in”.

In other words, if you ever see a video floating around on the internet titled suicidemouse.avi…it’s probably best you don’t watch it.

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I consider myself to be fairly fearless… this however, gave me the creeps. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. Why risk it… right?


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