Animals + Runways = Big Trouble

Stray animals are a common problem on the runways of many small airports.

A study of 10 small Indiana airports found that animals can gain easy access to runways and infield areas, increasing the likelihood of planes striking those animals. “Just about every pilot we talked to at these airports said that during a landing they’ve had to pull up to avoid hitting an animal on the runway,” Rhodes said. “With the size of planes using these airports, hitting a rabbit could flip a plane.”    – taken from a study done by Purdue University

Successful rescue! IGI Airport, India.

In India they have the same problem.

Jackals, neelgais, monitor lizards, peacocks, porcupines, snakes, monkeys, foxes, dogs and birds of prey – the diversity of wildlife at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) can give any small town zoo a run for its money.” — taken from an article titled “International airport or animal world?” in the Hindustan Times.

Wildlife SOS India has stepped in with a novel solution that benefits everyone involved.  They’ve teamed up with the Delhi International Airport to catch and release animals that wander onto the airport grounds.  Instead of simply shooting the wayward animals, Wildlife SOS employs members of the local Jogi Nath community to humanely capture and relocate them.  This has become a win-win for everyone involved and Wildlife SOS hopes to one day spread the program to other airports throughout India.

Mongoose rescue, IGI Airport, India

Job well done! Keep up the good work!

Read more: Airport Project | Wildlife SOS.


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