2.1 million dollar compensation! Sweet!

I just received the following email; I’m not exactly sure what they’re trying to tell me (aside from the fact that I’m supposedly dead — probably from Ebola). From what I gather, “the impostors” have defrauded me and the the World Bank has decided to give me a 2.1 million dollar compensation.  Seems totally legit. Drinks are on me!

Attention Beneficiary, 

We write to confirm from you what we just heard from a man named Mr. Paul Johnson about yourself. He came to our office today and informed us that you are dead and during your illness you willed him to claim your US$2.1M compensation that the World Bank has mapped out to compensate those that were defrauded by the impostors. But very surprisingly to us Mr. Paul Johnson made things very clear to us that you are dead and he is the only person you disclosed this matter with and you have instructed him to come and claim the money if you did not make it. 

We hereby decided to contact you officially to find out if the information we received from the above named man is truth and to confirm if you are truly dead or still alive. Failure to reply back in the next 24hrs simply means that what Mr. Paul Johnson said is truth that you are dead because Mr. Paul Johnson has even ordered us to release your ATM master card that contains $2.1 Million to Dr. David Anderson, from United Arab Emirates. 

Mr. Paul Johnson wants us to change all the necessary papers to his name and urge us to tell him what it will cost him to complete the process of posting the ATM card to Dr. David Anderson home address which he provides to us. He has agreed to pay whatever fee needed to enable us release the ATM card to Dr. David Anderson in the next 48 hours. Meanwhile, we need to confirm if the information we receive about you is the truth or fulse, someone should kindly help us to indicate. 

With this you are required to send to us your private address where you want us to send your ATM card to you, you are advised in your own interest to reply back so we can stop further communication with Mr. Paul Johnson and Dr. David Anderson. 

We have finalized arrangement concerning posting of your ATM card pending when we receive confirmation e-mail from you and your ATM card will be sent to you and as soon as your ATM card is being delivered to your home address you can start withdrawal of US$5,000.00 per day. 

Note: that for we to confirm that you are still alive is to hear from you soonest through phone calls or e-mail. Get back to me as soon as you receive this message. 

Finally, you have to reconfirm to us your full name, your home or company’s address where you want to receive the card and your telephone number for oral discussion if need be. 


 Yours truly, 

Mrs Cathryn Sonya

Director Foreign Operations 

ATM Payment Center



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