You may have Ebola? OK, I need to see your insurance and SS card.

If the stories I’m hearing here in Dallas are correct, many heads need to roll!

When I heard the first initial news report about the man from Liberia who arrived here in Dallas, began to feel ill, went to the ER, and was subsequently sent home, I thought, “I bet they told him to go home because he wasn’t a citizen and didn’t have insurance.”  When I mentioned that to a friend they simply shook their head and rolled their eyes.  I could almost hear them thinking, “Laura… come one.  You and your conspiracy theories…”

Now, two days later, my friend may be reconsidering.   In a story on, the victim’s sister says her brother, “went to a Dallas emergency room on Friday and they sent him home with antibiotics. She says he said hospital officials asked for his Social Security number and he said that he didn’t have one because he was visiting from Liberia.”

OK, at this particular point in time, when someone comes to the ER and says, “I don’t feel well and, by the way, I have just come from Liberia.”  this first two questions you DO NOT ask are 1) do you have a social security number, 2) do you have insurance? He should have been isolated immediately and tested for Ebola right there on the spot.  Why wasn’t he? Because Presbyterian Hospital was afraid he wouldn’t be able to pay for services rendered.

The result, five children from four Dallas district schools were possibly exposed to the virus.  This is a shit storm (no pun intended) ready to happen.

Could it have possibly been avoided?  Yes, on the night of the initial hospital visit.

In the last hour I’ve heard several people angrily blame it on Obamacare.  Sorry folks, the insurance companies have been dictating who and what gets treated for a very long time — long before the Affordable Care Act.  We’ve all heard stories of people losing everything because they couldn’t afford either medical insurance or their prescribed treatments.  This time, we all may end up paying the ultimate price… Wake up folks…


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