It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

October 1st!

The Halloween kick-off starts!

Halloween is, and always has been, my favorite day of the year!!!  My birthday is a few days prior (I always asked my mom why she couldn’t have held out a little bit longer…) and I lived for my Halloween-themed parties.  In fact, my husband and I even had a Halloween wedding!  I love absolutely everything about it!  Nothing excites me more than walking into a store and seeing the first little bits of All Hallow’s Eve sneaking onto the shelves.

One of reasons I love it so much — it’s the one day of the year when you’re allowed to be anything you want to be.  We spend entirely too much time telling our children, friends, partners what they should/shouldn’t be.  We all walk around constantly adjusting our behavior and the things we say so that we “fit” in with what’s expected of us.  Little girls are told they need to be quiet and pretty, little boys that they should be brave and rugged.  Halloween is truly the only time when no one bats an eye if a little girl wants to be a fighter pilot or matador and the boy down the street can freely don fairy wings or a tutu.  In my world, every day would be Halloween!!!

No doubt I’ll be posting a lot about Halloween in the coming days…  feel free to come along and join me in the celebration!




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