Patent no. CA2741523A1, Ebola and the CDC…

So… why does the CDC own a patent on the “EboBun” strain of Ebola?  Why would a governmental agency claim exclusive ownership over the “invention” of a disease?

Money, of course.

Why were doctors infected with Ebola being transported back to the US for treatment?

EboBun is not the strain currently ravaging West Africa. Perhaps that’s why the infected doctors were brought back to the US (specifically to the CDC in Atlanta) for treatment.  The CDC needs to enlarge its patent portfolio by isolating, harvesting, studying and potentially claiming ownership of this and future strains.

Why? Money, of course.

If you control a patent, you control who can further develop “offshoot” programs, including vaccines, its purchase cost per dose and who can buy it. You have governmental protection for 20 years on inventions, which equates to 20 years of commercial moneys possible from it. If this disease invention was only for humanitarian goals and motives, why not leave it patent-free and let everyone combine strength and talents the planet of outbreak threats of this horrible disease?

Same old story… find a disease, exploit it in the media, develop a vaccine, make a lot of cash.

Flu shots anyone?

Intrigued? Me too…. Continue reading…

Why does the CDC own a patent on Ebola ‘invention?


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