100 Rhino Translocation Project

Photo credit: Rhinos Without Borders

South Africa’s Rhinos are being killed by poachers at an alarming rate, 1 every 9 hours. &Beyond, a leader in luxury experiential travel and safaris, has partnered with others in the travel industry to translocate up to a hundred Rhinos to neighbouring Botswana.

Photo credit: thedodo.com

I’m officially putting out the call to anyone concerned about saving these amazing animals — 8 million dollars is required to help relocate rhino from existing populations and release them into the wild in Botswana (the country with the best anti-poaching record in Africa).  Unfortunately, that money isn’t going to just fall from the sky… the rhinos need your help.

Photo credit: andbeyond.com

 It sounds like a lot of money (actually, it is a lot of money), but no price can be put on saving the Rhino from extinction.  Please consider making a tax deductable donation to one of the following organizations.  If you can’t make a monetary donation, please help spread the word!

Africa Foundation

Rhinos Without Borders via Causes.com

Rhinos Without Borders via Trevolta

Rhinos Without Borders Donor and Sponsorship Packages

Read more about Rhinos Without Borders: http://cdn1.buuteeq.com/upload/18138/rhinoswithoutborders.pdf

Buy an “Ever Seen a Rhino Fly” limited edition tee from Float.com (they’ll only be on sale for one week so HURRY) 

Follow Rhinos Without Borders on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube spread the word!

Photo credit: ultimateafrica.com


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